Census / Street Listing

In Massachusetts an annual census is required each year. The procedure is to mail out a census form to each household and have the resident(s) make changes to the data on the form or confirm that there are no changes and return the signed form with a supplied return envelope. Many towns take advantage of the mailing to include other inserts (dog license, town information, etc.).

LHS has for 20 years converted the town supplied information to print, fold, stuff and mail the annual census. The census is mailed out at automated rates set by the post office, usually a savings of .10 per piece. The post office has changed a lot of the procedures in order to qualify for the reduced postage (NCOA, mailer ID codes). It is important to start the conversion of the VRIS data earlier to get the mailing delivered, consider a 2-3 week delivery to post office after LHS receives the extracts.

LHS has a generic census form (form samples are attached). If you have a form that you would like to use send the original so we can copy and make any changes. The following
link will guide you through a questionnaire telling you what LHS needs to start the conversion process. Even if you have used LHS before please fill out the questionnaire.

If you would like a proposal please e-mail
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Sample Forms